Look how short my hair was back in October.
It is always longer when it is straight, but geez. 
That is super short, yo.
I now realize that my hair has grown a lot in the past 7 months.
But ... a bit faster would be nice.
Anyways, it seems like every post I'm talking about my hair.
Sorry. I just can't help it.
So, yesterday I worked all day and didn't get a chance to post a few links to my favorites this past week.
I figured before getting ready to head to my friends birthday lunch that I'd share some with you.

Amber is the sweetest ... & oh-so adorable with her hubby!

How can you not just say "AWW.." over this?? :D

I am really loving DottieAdele!!

Sometimes I can relate to this feeling about blogging.

I love it ALL!!

Ladies, when Molly found the "Hey, Christian girl" quotes by some very handsome celebrities, I laughed so hard. They are the best! Srsly. Greatness!

I adore Kendi, her fashion, and this post. :)

Can we please talk about how adorbs Haley's new hair cut is??! I LOVE it!

I am over-the-moon excited that Mandy shared a new app for photos. Yikes! I am about to download it now!!

Christina shared the sweetest photos & story of her grandparents. 
Love is the most beautiful thing.

& I am loving this blog I came across, through luck of Instagram! ;)

This weekend will be spent working. :/ Boo.
I do hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, though!
Soak up the sun, eat lots of yummy food, relax by the water, and be happy with God has given you!
much love.


  1. I feel your pain.. about the hair growing slowly than you'd like. I cut mine several months ago and it is still so short. I really really miss my long hair. thats the last time I chop 7 inches off at one time. ha! Hope your having a good weekend!

  2. What a sweet post! Thanks for mentioning me ;) I'll be checking all those links out!!