New York City, yo. (Part 1)


I'm not sure if you all know this, but I LOVE to travel.
I wish at least once every three months or so, I could just pack up and go.
If finances weren't an issue, then I would.
Traveling is the best thing for the soul.
So, with that being said, I stumbled upon old photos this evening of my last minute trip up to NYC for a week. My dear friend, Patrick, is a lawyer up there and I got to spend a few days hanging out with him. 

Please head back to 2007, right before my sophomore year of college, and live it up in Manhattan with me. :) 
It was a great adventure. 
I hope to have many more...

I took over 500, so really it's not that bad. ;)

Can we please talk about that giant monster truck to the left? What is that doing in the middle of Queens, people??! 

Gah. Really?! So, just to warn you: I think I look ridiculous in every photo I have of myself from this trip. I'm sure you can tell I had very little sleep in this photo. It didn't help to have a pounding headache, while sitting on the subway. 

I loved walking out and seeing this little cafe.
Afterwards, I remember seeing it a bunch of times in movies that were filmed in New York. 

Tall, Irish, and an all around a nice guy. 
I miss him.

I loveeeed all the buildings! Pretty, right??

If only I could have ran into the ladies of 'Sex and the City'...

1. I do love this photo because it is so bright, surrounded by people and trees. Plus, the Empire State building is behind me (which I got to go to the top of the night before!!) 
2. Why am I holding my hands down awkwardly to my side?? Srsly. Why, people? 
3. My hair was longer. I miss it. :(

I would be one happy lady if I could experience this view everyday.

I adored this sweet, little Italian restaurant we found.
Though, if my memory serves me correctly, they didn't have the best rolls. :/ 

There is nothing quite like walking down the streets of Manhattan, turning the corner, and looking up to see that. No words. I have seen Time Square on TV a million times, but nothing compared to seeing it with my own eyes. Amazing!

There were so many taxi's... and a ton of crazy drivers. ;)

How funny is this photo? It is almost like I'm not even in it. 
I really am miniature compared to the buildings, right?

This isn't even Time Square at it's best. 
The nighttime is when it comes alive. 

Until Part 2...


  1. My neck hurt in NYC. Looking up all the time lol.

  2. Ha!! Yes. I believe mine did a bit too. ;)
    It was a great trip, though.
    Thanks for stopping by, btw!!
    much love,