This photo is from back in '07 when I went to Florida to visit my family. 
My grandma had her birthday the other day. I obviously couldn't be there. :(
So, I thought I'd post this photo of us because I miss her.
Plus, it makes me happy seeing us together.
You can definitely see the cuban in me now, eh? 

Alright, now onto the favorites:

I absolutely adored the video Mandi and her husband did for their baby gender reveal! So cute.

I could sit at look at this lady, with her red hair, ALL day. :)

Can I please just go to New Jersey ... and hit up some boardwalks ... or something?

I really liked reading Erin's 'About Me' page. 

When I continue to do posts on my trip to NY, you WILL see photos and talk of musicals. Why? Because I LOVEE them. Seriously. Love. I never thought I would until I saw one on Broadway...and  then there was no going back.
So imagine my excitement when Lauren posted all about her favorite musicals here!! :D

The photos from Stef's special day are gorgeous!!

I love me some polk-a-dots.

Can I please have a blogger meet up soon? It looks like so much fun.

I liked reading about Kyla's summer intentions.
Maybe I should make a list? I dunno. I might ... I probably won't. :/

 I love everything in this post: from the dress, to Beca's tattoos, to her cute iPhone cover!!

This week I am loving this blog and this one. :)

Happy Friday (almost Saturday), friends!
much love,


  1. Wish I could tan like you! My dad is part Greek but somehow my sister & brother were the lucky ones to get that beautiful olive skin & I look slightly more German like my mother (aka ghostly) ha! Anyhoo...what is a blogger meet-up? That sounds like some serious fun!

  2. Aw!! I definitely have some olive skin tones, for sho! I am a bit pale at the moment, but I tan easily. I rarely burn.
    So, usually if I am in a tanning bed or outside a couple of times, I look dark. :)
    & German is lovely!! I love how you look!! :) So pretty!
    Also, I'm unsure exactly what a "blogger meet up" would be, but the photos looked fun. I am assuming an event where bloggers from the same area (or close by) meet up to chat, get to know one another, and talk about blogging.
    Yup. I'm going with that! ;) It makes me wish I lived in a bigger city because there is no one in my little town that probably even knows what blogging is .. or that it exists!! ha. ;)
    You like in Texas, though... I'm sure there are some "meet ups" or events for bloggers!!
    I can't wait to chat soon with ya!
    much love, friend.

  3. I seriously love your links! They never ever disappoint.

    Amanda Rose