Guest Post: A Dreamer's Daze.


Well, hello friends!
I have been away this week, but I'll share more on that soon.
Right now I want you all to stop what you are doing and read this lovely guest post. 
Ariel is the best.
I'm serious.
She is the sweetest lady!!
When I get a text from her I laugh so much.
Then hours later, I remember that I completely forgot to text her back because life is crazy, busy! :/
(I'm sorry. I promise to get better!!)
Everyday I pretty much think about jumping on a plane, flying to the west coast, and hanging out with her for a week...or a month...or forever.
OR...just however long she will have me around. ;)
So, without further ado:


My name is Ariel and I blog over at A Dreamer's Daze.

I'm so so excited that Colie asked me to guest post- isn't she just the sweetest thing ever!?
I've found so many wonderful people in blogland- where are you people in real life!?
Kidding... kind of.

Anyways, a little about me:
I am a 21 year old college student and I blog to document daily life, adventures, and inspirations. I love life and love and happiness and seek to capture it at every possible moment. My blog is a love letter to the world- to the places I've been, to the people I've met, and to the beauty and uncertainty that the future holds.

I grew up in a small northern California town. Home to the phrases "like" and "you know!?" Totally guilty of overusing those ones.
I've lived in the house that my daddy built since I was five years old.
I am one of five kids and my cat, Mr. Feeney, is my child.
I believe in viewing life as an adventure. This isn't hard to do, living in California. It's a beautiful state that has everything to offer.  
I live in a suburb about an hour from San Francisco. It's a cute town with street fairs and Saturday morning farmer's markets. The temperature never seems to drop below 50.

 I'm surrounded by mountains and fields and gorgeous bodies of water.

I believe in the power of music and I make it a goal to see at least one act of live music per month.
Lucky for me, California is home to many a music festivals.

Even though, I spend most of the year in Vermont for school, California will always be home. I feel so blessed to live here every time I smell the ocean air and feel the sunshine on my face. It really is an absolutely magical place to live.
Thank you for having me, Colie! 
Feel free to check out my blog, A Dreamer's Daze
There's nothing better than making new friends!



  1. Oh, I just love Ariel's blog. Such a wonderful post!

  2. Oh.... I love street fairs and music festivals. And I love Ariel's pictures!

  3. You're the coolest! Thanks for having me! :)