from now on, i will always floss.


from thanksgiving. 
yes, those are really my sisters.
i wasn't adopted, nor was the blonde headed one. ;)

So, life has been hectic around these here parts (please imagine that with my thickest country accent. I hope it made you giggle.). 

First, I feel like I am going to have an anxiety attack or blow up on someone at work any minute these days. I'm serious. 
I realize that no matter how old we get, where we work, or which environment that we find ourselves in, that we will always be around people who test our patience and kindness. Sometimes I wonder if a few extra dollars an hour + insurance is really worth dealing with it all. 
I guess if I ever get the nerve to actually walk out one day, then I'll have my answer.

Secondly,  I went two weeks ago to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. While I was there, I was told that I had three cavities that needed to be filled. & I was like, "Yea. Let's do this...", except I had to wait until this morning. 
Which was fine.

& just so you all know now, I am a weird-o. 
Why, you ask? -- Oh, because I like going to the dentist. Yes, I know. Weird. 
I don't even mind the needles. The only thing I actually don't enjoy is the numbness that doesn't go away for like four hours!! Anyways, so I am assuming that my bill would be $50. 
Which ISN'T chump change, by any means, but you can imagine my surprise when the woman behind her computer looks up and tells me I owe ....
.... $265.60....
WHAT??! Had this woman seriously lost her mind.
You guys, she said, "Oh, I thought I told you it would be that much."
Ummm...NO, LADY!!! Geez.
I literally could not get mad.
I just starred at her, my eyes watered up, and at any moment the tears were gonna start flooding down my face, like a freakin' waterfall.
Luckily, she took pity on me.
As she should have. Obviously.
I only had to pay half today.
Yea, yea. It was still a lot, but I have two weeks until I have to pay the rest.
So I was upset, but grateful nonetheless.

Also, I am going to two small groups this year.
One with Nathan and his church and the one I attend with the young adults from my church.
So my Sunday & Thursday evenings are now full and I love it that way! 
& Jesus does, too.
We talked about it, so I know.

Anyways, I would like to lose some weight, guys.
Not necessarily to be thin.
But frankly, I need to be healthy.
I just have no discipline or motivation for it.
Yea, so I'll letcha know how that goes. 

Well that was a bunch of rambling. 
Remember...I have a tendency to do that often.
So, finally, I had been seeing a counselor for my anxiety/stress/worry.
Which was great, but listen folks...I can not be forking out $42 every two weeks to talk to someone about my problems.
Would one of you do it...for FREE!?? 
Just kidding.
Sort of.

It is now 1:30pm.
I haven't eaten all day.
My mouth is no longer numb.
So, I'm signing off here to eat something...probably not healthy.
Someone hold me accountable, please!!

Happy Thursday, friends.
much love,


  1. I have always loved going to the dentist too! But... it's not nearly as fun now that I am a grown up and I have to pay to have my embarrassing amount of cavities filled. Who knew that being an adult would be so expensive?! :)

    1. After today, I have sworn that I will NEVER get a cavity.
      That is IF I actually remember to floss and take care of my teeth properly.
      I feel at this point that maybe I shouldn't have "sworn"...I mean, I'm sure Jesus isn't really down for me saying that.
      He knows that I don't usually back up most of what I say I'll do.
      I'll just TRY not to get a cavity.
      I don't like paying for them. Today is obvious prove of that!! ;)

      PS. I have stalked your blog and laughed so much in the last 10 minutes. Thank you!

    2. The last time I went to the dentist (which was far too long ago - that's what having no insurance results in) I vowed that I would always floss my teeth and never get a cavity again. BUT I have long since gone back on that vow and can feel the negative effects. And now I realize (much like you swearing to floss) that Jesus probably doesn't like me making "vows" either, especially when I don't keep them.

      I do wish you the best of luck with your flossing and brushing and No Cavity Quest.

      And thanks again for stalking my blog! :)

  2. hey lady. Kinda nice to see sisters that dont look too much alike lol. I say that bc I look NOTHING like my sister or brother. its odd. Oh, I hear ya about the dentist. we don't have medical insurance & currently I (alone) have racked up a nice large bill at that place. unlike you, i hate the dentist. its horrible! not just because they want our February & March mortgage money to go to them instead of our mortgage company (seriously my bill is insane) but bc going to the dentist give me anxiety! its so bad, they nearly always give me the laughing gas (at no charge) bc I cant relax enough to let them do anything in my mouth. oh my. well I think we should skype soon, you can feel free to talk to me anytime lady!

    1. Oh my goodness, Brit!
      I'm sorry. :/
      I'll be praying for you guys about the medical/mortgage bills.
      I definitely know that can be extremely stressful.

      & you have to use the laughing gas?!
      Oh dear. I honestly get a little tense at first because of the sound & smell of the drill being used for my cavities, but then I'm good after that. I can see how it would cause you a lot of anxiety if you aren't able to relax. :(

      & YES!! we do need to Skype soon!
      You have been on my heart lately. I've been keeping up with your posts. I keep meaning to say something, but just not sure if it is enough or give you the comfort and encouragement you need! :/
      Anyways, you are on my heart, I'm praying for you and your family, AND Skyping on Thursdays or most weekends is best for me!!

      much love, friend.