my friend, mindy kaling.


Ok, ok so obviously I have yet to post the second video from my trip to Atlanta for the Passion Conference. In my defense, that is because I have been deathly ill this week. 
I probably wouldn't have died, but in my over-dramatic mind, it sure felt like I might have.

So, maybe I'll post a follow-up video soon.
Maybe not.
Who knows. 
Honestly, I'm terrible at committing myself to something and following through most of the time.
Which isn't a great quality, I'm aware.
I just try to remind myself that I'll get better. 

Anyways, this morning I had plans to get up, clean my room up because it looks like the tornado from The Wizard of Oz came through it, do my large pile of laundry, and attempt to clear out the mess in my vehicle.
None of that has happened thus far.
It is 11:25am.

So what did I do instead?
Oh, I finally sat down to read Mindy Kaling's book.

Let me just say that I wish we were friends.
Like if I knew where to find her, I would be one of those creepy stalker people you hear about on television.
Of course I wouldn't be arrested or charged for anything.
Because she would find me in her house, probably in her library (I'm not sure if she has one, but I'm assuming), we would start talking, make jokes about our weight and how we will never be skinny, and become the best of friends that I knew we would always be. 
Yes, that is how it would go.
Afterwards, we would make arrangements to meet for dinner where she would introduce me to Zooey Deschanel. 

But for now, I have to go into town with one of my "real-life" friends.
Then, I will come home and clean.
Maybe...or nap.
It's raining outside, I don't have to work, and that basically means I should nap all day.
Oh, and then I'm meeting friends to go watch 'Pitch Perfect' at their house.
If you haven't seen that movie, then get off the computer now, go to RedBox (or wherever you rent movies), rent it, and then get ready to laugh so hard you'll cry. 
I'm serious.
You can thank me later.

Happy weekend, friends.
much love, 

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