gettin' hitched. //


"aww." that is what you are all saying, right? RIGHT??!

well, i must say that when carisa gave a little sneak peek on facebook, i was extremely happy and very excited.

i was also over critical of myself. i think i instantly saw just how overweight i have gotten, every wrong angle of myself, how weird my smile can be, what people will think once they see that i have a huge tattoo on my arm, why i didn't choose the other dress, and so on. i believe as females we have a bad habit of doing that in general. & though i still feel that way (and tend to with almost any photo i am EVER in), it speaks nothing of the incredible job that our photographer did. she was an absolute dream, a dear to spend time with, and who made us feel comfortable with her and each other during the shoot.

nathan was over the moon with our engagement session, as well. & the hundred times he told me how beautiful i am and how he can not wait to marry me, helped me to focus on what is really important. that none of those little insecurities matter.

& in four months, i will stand before God, close family, and dear friends to commit my life to someone. it is a big step, but one i am so ready to take.


  1. Oh my goodness praise JESUS you two were made for each other!!! Also, need your tattoo. It is SO amazing.

    1. AW! Shucks. You are too sweet. Thanks dear. I kinda like him. ;) --> & thank you for the tattoo love, as well. i am definitely in love with it , as well! mucho love, my friend.

  2. Absolutely STUNNING. I love those. I might even like them better than my engagement pictures ;) You look amazing, and I love your choice of outfits.

  3. Ahhhhh! I have so many favorites!! You are GORGEOUS. That dress!? That HAIR!! Your eyes.. :)
    You two are SUPER adorable and your photographer was GREAT!
    So wish I could shoot your wedding!! Are you using the same photog for your wedding!?
    LOVE.These. :)
    You two are so so sweet together. The sweet smiles. The adorable looks. Gosh. You two.