climbing mountains are hard.


the whole time i was climbing that mountain this afternoon, i was hoping there would be moment where i reach the top of it and think, "wow, God! this is so beautiful. thank you for this beautiful painting set before me." however, in that moment i just couldn't breathe. seriously. i was hot, sweaty, and unable to talk without feeling like i may pass out. it was an amazing experience, one that i would love to do again, but also a much needed reminder that i need to take care of my body. //

two and a half hours later we are home and watching 'the goonies'. things are better. much better. //

hope you all are having a wonderful memorial day weekend. much love. //

ps. may is almost over. i never blogged 'everyday in may'. surprised? no? understandable.

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  1. Ohhhh I know that feeling. I often get to the top of a hike, after huffing and puffing, and feel like I can't suck in all the beauty around me because all I can do is try to catch my breath. :) It's still a great experience though! Good job!

    The Brayn of Chalayn

    PS I couldn't keep up with "blog every day in May" either!