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i am doing it.
i am going to do a "currently" blog post.
i'm not sure if i like them.
i am not against them.
i just don't know.

so here it goes:

reading: DIVERGENT!! OH. MY GOODNESS. ---> Is the all caps helping you guys know how awesome this book is?! Well, if isn't helping then let me just tell you... it is AWESOME! Seriously. I might just like it better than The Hunger Games. I'm not sure yet. I love how it is written and pumped about reading the next book. The only downside is that I have to wait until October for the third installment!! But maybe that is a good thing.

listening to: Lots of Jesus Culture & Ben Howard. I love the sounds of both.

feeling thankful: for family. not sure why. for most people this would be a no brainer answer, but i have never been super close to my family. We all are very different and many times i feel i have nothing in common with them. But I love them. & we have celebrated a lot of birthdays over the past two months, so it has been nice visiting and seeing them more lately.

thinking about: THE WEDDING!! Ah. The countdown is at 104 days, roughly three and half months, and nothing has really been purchased or crafted or anything. But no worries. All shall fall together. This is the girl who waited until two days before finals to cram during college. I passed every semester. I should be okay...right?!

eating: cup-o-noodles. a lot. they are cheap. they are good. that is all.

watching: hmm.. I haven't watched much lately. Summer has been great for reading. Plus, we do not have cable anymore, just Netflix + HuluPlus. All the good stuff won't be back on until the fall. HOWEVER, I have been watching auditions for SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance?) on HuluPlus, and that makes me heart happy. in another world, i image that God made me a beautiful dancer...

bummed out about: going to work tomorrow. it is the first of the month and the pharmacy will be booming. and frankly, not in a good way. all the medicaid patients get their checks and their slots open up again for the month and they swarm in like a pack of wolves. also, and this may sound harsh, but most smell like a pack of dirty wolves. i just don't understand that. most of them smell so bad...yet we live in America. A bar of soap is like .99c ... I rest my case.

loving: my discipline to push  myself into a healthier me. i have been so unhappy with  my weight and it has been high time i do something to change it!

& there you all have it.
if you made it this far, i hope i didn't bore you to tears.
if i did, i apologize.
i do.

now, off to read and then to bed.
hope you all had a lovely weekend.
much love,


  1. So glad life is treating you well! Also, I am totally on a Ben Howard kick right now, too. LOVE him!

    1. Yes ma'am. Thanks so much!!
      Congrats on being a recent college graduate. That is awesome!
      & Ben Howard's voice does something for the soul, I tell ya. :)

  2. So I take it you would HIGHLY recommend Divergent? I've been thinking about reading it but I think you just convinced me!!!

    1. Oh my, Cara.
      It is amazing.
      I tried to stop myself from reading so quickly...but in less than three days it was over. I could NOT put it down (other than when I was at work).
      I just purchased the second novel on my Nook and plan to dig in this evening.
      I HIGHLY recommend reading it AND then I'll have someone else to get just as excited over the series with me!!!