T H U R S D A Y // 04.04.13


Today consisted of:

*Being woke up at 6:30 in the morning, by a phone call from my step-dad. When he heard my groggy voice, he realized it was Thursday, my day off of work, and apologized.
*I went back to sleep for another hour.
*I cleaned my room. If you were to see it, it wouldn't look like I did much.
I did, though. I promise.
*a grumpy fiance. he isn't feeling well today. so i let him be grumpy.
(let's be honest, he puts up with enough of my grumpiness, that i can survive one day of his, right?!)
*got my hair trimmed and layered. it is strange that so many hair stylists do not know how to work with naturally curly hair. this being the reason that i either wear it straight or throw it up in a top-knot. but that gets exhausting and boring, not to mention that it causes more damage to my hair. but i bite the bullet and went to someone highly recommended by close friends. & i am oh-so happy that i did. 

*ate sushi
*attempted to buy some froyo afterwards, but they weren't open at that time. 
i was disappointed, indeed. seriously. you all don't know how much i LOVE froyo. 
*with my unfortunate run in with the froyo place, i drove across town to purchase a cup o' iced coffee.
*wondered if it was actually going to rain(...it said 50%, but there hasn't been but a few drops all day).
*sorted through all my clothes. i have quite a few to get rid of soon.
*backed up my iP4S, successfully. -- updated my iP4S, UNsuccessfully. (a tad bit of frustration built up after spending 2 hours TRYING to update the stupid thing.)
*ran hot water, added dish soap, and put most of the dishes in the sink.
they are STILL sitting there....
*began re-reading gene wilder's memoir, 'kiss me like a strange'. good reads.

...30 minutes later...

*the grumpy fiance returned home, and is now napping...
*finished the dishes in the sink
*getting pumped up about going to small group tonight. 
god, friends, laughs, fellowship, and food is what this girl needs.

PS. i am pretty sure gene wilder and i are related. ---> just look at the hair. it says it all.

hope you all had a lovely thursday.
much love, 

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