S A T U R D A Y // 04.06.13


I slept good last night,
thanks to my sleep aid.
I got up early to work my Saturday shift,
and got done at 1:00.
It was an easy day.
When I got off, the sun was shining so bright,
making me realize that I needed to go for a jog more than ever.
Instead I met my friend, who is silly and crazy and wondeful, and whom I love so much.
We sat outside...it was nice until the wind started picking up a bit, and then I was cold.

I have only heard from Nathan once today.
He has drill all weekend.
No bueno.
I went to an antique shop after lunch.
There was an industrial table for $25.
I feel in my heart of hearts that that was a steal.
I didn't get it.
But if it is still there next weekend, I'll know it was meant for me. ;)
I found out that my ex-boyfriend and his fiance are getting married today...
It was weird knowing that.
Not because I have feelings for him or I have anything against the couple.
They are both actually very lovely people and fit together so well.
I truly am happy for them and what the future holds for their marriage.
I think what is strange is to remember old times, and remember how much his step-mother never approved of me.
I was never good enough.
That has always stuck with me, and I'm still dealing with it.
I got some froyo before heading back home. & it was glorious!!
how was your saturday?
ps. my friend and her boyfriend went to see jurassic park 3D at the IMAX.
I found this gem while thrifting today:
VHS, baby.
Ah...do you remember those days?
It seems so long ago.
I wonder how much more things will change in the years to come...

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